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  • The Chinese Telephone Code Plan is the way to group telephone numbers in the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. Land lines and mobile phones follow different systems: land lines use area codes, while mobile phones do not.
  • A three-digit number that identifies one of the telephone service regions into which the US, Canada, and certain other countries are divided and that is dialed when calling from one area to another
  • A telephone numbering plan is a type of numbering scheme used in telecommunications to allocate telephone numbers to subscribers and to route telephone calls in a telephone network. A closed numbering plan, such as found in North America, imposes a fixed total length to numbers.
  • a number usually of 3 digits assigned to a telephone area as in the United States and Canada

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  • +855 is the country telephone code for incoming calls to Cambodia. Other access codes are used through-out Cambodia to specify the area and type of phone the call is going to.
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where is area code 855

where is area code 855 – CMT 855.501.11

CMT 855.501.11 Reverse Glue Joint Router Bit 1/2-Inch Shank, 1-3/4-Inch Cutting Diameter
CMT 855.501.11 Reverse Glue Joint Router Bit 1/2-Inch Shank, 1-3/4-Inch Cutting Diameter
The CMT 855.501.11 is a Reverse Glue Joint Router Bit. The most unique and important characteristic of the CMT Reverse Glue Joint Bit is its capacity to produce an almost indestructible glue joint quickly and without error. Ideal for routing wide dimension panels, doors and furniture pieces. By accurately centering the bit to the wood, the upper and lower vertical cutting edges of the bit will cut equal proportions. Simply run one edge of the panel, turn the panel over, and then run the opposite edge – you produce perfectly harmonized reverse cuts that match up to make flawless joints. Useful tips: When glueing up, apply enough pressure to securely seal the joint. Insufficient pressure results in a weak joint and excessive pressure will distort the wood. Features: Shank – 1/2-Inch Overall Diameter – 1-3/4-Inch Cutting Length – 44.45-Inch What’s In the Box: CMT 855.501.11 Reverse Glue Joint Router Bit

Crich 1940's Weekend (90)

Crich 1940's Weekend (90)
Crich Tramway Village 1940s Weekend April 2012.

Chassis number 36S10830 was built at the Riley works in Coventry in August 1946, where it came together with body number A2877 as a Riley RMA.
On the 17th October 1946, a Riley dealership in Worcester, Worcestershire gave it the registration number FAB 855. AB being the registration area code for this town.

In 1950, a Riley RMA FAB855 was offered for sale by a car dealer in Nottingham for the grand sum of ?700

1962 area code HANDBOOK

1962 area code HANDBOOK
1962 area code HANDBOOK

where is area code 855

Talking About My Baby: The Midwives (Harlequin Superromance No. 855)
The Midwives
This baby is hers!
One night in Texas, midwife Tara Marcus finds a newborn baby abandoned in her car. A baby she desperately wants to keep.
She takes the baby to her hometown in Colorado, hoping to adopt her. But adoption requires money. And it requires a better situation than Tara can offer. A husband, a home….
She needs a strategy, and the best one she can think of is marriage. Dr. Isaac McCrea, a newcomer to town, happens to be a widower with three kids. Surely he needs a wife! So what if he’s a doctor—not exactly Tara’s favorite species? So what if she falls in love with him despite her outrageous proposal? None of that matters.
Only her baby matters. Her baby and his children.